Summit solely represents Solarfox, the innovative German company that relies on expertise, reliable technology and professional services to produce high quality solar display systems. The display systems allow you to monitor and present your sustainability efforts. Because building systems are located close to end users, there is the opportunity for education and marketing. Real time displays inside the building, which inform building users and guests of the amount of electricity generated and other environmental attributes, can be a good way to promote an organization’s green credentials.

Solarfox displays can show the output data of various photovoltaic systems regardless of the location. Output data can be shown cumulatively or individually (per system).

The system is characterized by an innovative bulletin board that allows your own content such as texts, images, office files or websites to be displayed on loop.

Its appealing design and convenient online management allows you to change or supplement all content with any web browser in an easy manner.

Solarfox does not only raise awareness for the issue of renewable energy, but it also helps you to actively save energy. Energy consumption data and storage systems can also be displayed as an option.