Summit is very proud to add to its products portfolio the innovative high-tech products for transparent wide-area communication in both outdoor and indoor areas through its collaboration with ONLYGLASS GmbH, the specialist in this technology.

The staging of architecturally well-designed buildings through illumination is an idea which has existed for century.

The only difference in combining archit


ecture and lighting from the past to today is that lighting technology has advanced. The development of media facades has moved from neon lamps to LED bulbs, however all of these technologies have their disadvantages from affecting the architectural design, to blocking light when placed over windows, in addition to their significant weight.

The new development moved to integrating media screen directly into the glass façade of a building with no additional structural requirements which also appears to be invisible when switched off. This innovative integration is referred to by Mediatecture.

ONLYGLASS Media Façade is a transparent LED display developed for façades and integrated directly into the insulated glazing, blending with the cladding of the building. Fine LED strips in t

he insulated glazing compound enable a very high level of transparency at high resolution. It is ideal for large-scale displays on the outer shell of a building. The system combines aesthetics with high technology.

ONLYGLASS Media Grid product is designed for indoor use. The system is the perfect solution for display in windows, shopping centers, exhibition stands and showrooms. The system is distinguished by high transparency combined with high resolution. It is ideal for displaying fine structures in pictures and videos. Text is also distinguishable at the shortest distances.

ONLYGLASS Media Crystal. This transparent signage solution is a breakthrough technology for indoors purposes. It allows a fascinating interactive marketing communication and innovative presentations of products in retail business. Products can be placed behind clear, transparent screen while eye-catching advertising, images, animations or interactive games are displayed at the same time. Media Crystal offers significant sales and marketing added value via professional shopping assistance and digital expansion of retail space, plus support of customer loyalty programs and creation of new stimuli for buying impulses.

The product is suitable for placement at point of sale, display windows, shopping malls, exhibition stands and showrooms. It features full HD resolution, high transparency, low weight and it is customized for individual specifications.