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Summit solely represents the German company Geo Technik to offer our customers solar street lighting technology, with all required cables, connectors and accessories, in several areas including:

Waterproof fixtures suitable for interior and exterior lightings in commercial and residential building, swimming pools, gardens, parks, stadium, underground, streets, tunnels, and construction and industrial sites. 

Summit offers its customers a wide range of high quality and energy economizing LED lamps and bulbs made in Germany. The power consumption of LED lamps and bulbs are only one tenth and the lifetime is 20K hours to 50K hours longer than halogen lamps. LED light bulbs are instantly bright and the light is convenient.
Summit also represents the Polish company, ECO for lighting solutions, which manufactures all professional LED lighting for usage in the mega malls, shopping centers, factories, steel hangers, etc. All products meet the highest approved European standards and the best comprised prices.


Photovoltaic Modules
Summit proudly represents solarnova, the innovative German manufacturer
Energy Storage Systems
Summit for Solar Energy Systems and Construction Management ...
Solar Display Systems
Summit solely represents Solarfox, the innovative German company that ...
Solar Inverter Systems
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Solar Street Lights & LED Bulbs
Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) System
Media Facades
Summit is very proud to add to its products portfolio the ...

Summit has been a key player in the construction field in Egypt since 1988. In 2013 Summit for project management and solar energy was established as a professional entity that specializes in Solar Energy.
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