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Summit is also proud to solely represent Tesvolt, the innovative manufacturer of high-quality lithium energy storage systems that store solar energy highly efficient, fast and easy. Tesvolt lithium storage capabilities can meet a wide range of demands for commercial and industrial sectors. Tesvolt has their own production facilities in Germany and nearly all the components used in the production process are from German manufacturers.
Each Tesvolt storage system is designed individually and is capable to cater to your specific application and requirements.

The major advantage of Tesvolt storage systems is that stored energy and power can be combined and extended in any way, without having to invest money in a new complete system.
Tesvolt is setting new standards in high efficiency, performance and safety through using an innovative proprietary and unique bidirectional management system (BMS). It ensures that the battery cells in the storage system are always optimally charged and discharged. The BMS monitors the temperature, voltage and charge state (SOH & SOC) of each individual cell and controls them in a cell stack. Due to this efficient energy distribution method, only 8 watts per hour are consumed when in standby mode.

Tesvolt awarded Hugo Junkers prize for technical innovation (December 2016)


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Summit has been a key player in the construction field in Egypt since 1988. In 2013 Summit for project management and solar energy was established as a professional entity that specializes in Solar Energy.
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